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A seminar to prepare the ENHANCE students for their international mobility

The Pre-Departure Seminar for outgoing students in ENHANCE is an offer proposed online from March to June 2023 with several date options, always from 9:00 to 12:00 Central European. You can register on this page and ask to be informed if more dates are added after the summer.


This seminar will help students prepare for their journey to one of the ENHANCE universities. Very often, moving to a new country for a few months is a unique experience for students and they have received little information outside of the academic ones. “Studying abroad is, of course, fun and you discover lots of new stuff and meet people,” Melih Özkardes, ENHANCE Ombudsman for Diversity, explains, “but it also requires lots of intercultural skills and sensitivity.” Here, the ENHANCE Alliance doesn’t just acknowledge the importance of personal preparation for an intercultural journey abroad but also proposes to its students a way to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to face this exciting new challenge.


With the Pre-Departure Seminar, students will receive the tools to understand better intercultural sensitivity, the European identity, and the implicit bias they can have or face. They will be better equipped to deal with conflicts and misunderstandings, especially by communicating effectively and sensitively in English in a cross-cultural setting. Since an intercultural environment is subject to judgement, stereotypes, and prejudices, this seminar will also dive into the deep drivers of differences in cultures connected to ENHANCE universities.


If desired, the participants will receive an ENHANCE certificate after completing their training. Added to this preparation, this activity also gives the chance to students from different ENHANCE universities to meet.