The ENHANCE Fundraising Office is specifically charged with the responsibility of attracting and managing private support for ENHANCE, its people and its programmes.

The Fundraising officer, jointly with the members of the partners ‘fundraising committee, will, promote a positive public image of the Alliance, to foster positive relations with university partners’ alumni and attract donations to help support the Alliance and its activities.

The ENHANCE Alliance is an integral part of European society, enhancing co-creation with societal stakeholders and the engagement of students, researchers and staff.

As a science and technology Alliance serving society, ENHANCE follows the principle of the knowledge square and the quadruple helix, where academia, industry, policymaking and civil society are in the centre of our activities.

The engagement of our Associated Partners and donors in our activities contributes to our vision of empowering people to develop and use science and technology for the benefit of society.

ENHANCE develops a variety of activities in education,  research and entrepreneurship through collaboration with external

partners amongst public, private and non-governmental organisations.

Firstly, this collaboration can be formalised on the narrow spectrum first, with an agreement on a one-of-a-kind basis for a focused goal, a limited period and an individualised type of activity.

Second, on the broader side of collaboration, ENHANCE offers an Alliance Chair as an academic collaborative relationship between the parties, maximising the generation and dissemination of knowledge and the training of future professionals in areas of common interest.

If you are interested in developing activities with ENHANCE, please get in touch with the Fundraising officer at:  




  • Co-curricular design and co-delivery of courses and programs.
  • University-Industry co-certification.
  • Faculty/expert exchange between University-Industry and Industry-University.
  • Master Classes, conferences, seminars, and workshops.
  • Internships in companies and institutions.
  • Industry-led training at the university, and University-led training in companies.
  • Science/tech days, popular science, and STEM promotion events/fairs.
  • Promotional activities for women and girls in science and technology.
  • Industry promotion events and open doors events at sci-tech organisations (public and private).
  • Crowdsource thematic events around local and global community problems.
  • Publication of white papers and reports on ENHANCE areas of interest.
  • Dissemination of the EACs’ activities through events, printed materials, web and social media.


  • Industry/University co-design and supervision of Final Degree Project (FDP), Final Master Project (FMP) and Doctoral Theses.
  • FDP, FMP, and industrial PhD students.
  • Research scholarships at the FDP, FMP, and Doctoral levels.
  • Research Awards and science-technology prizes.
  • ENHANCE-Co-Industrial development research collaborations.
  • University-Organisation collaboration for fund provision.
  • Research translation and technology transfer.
  • Industries Non-exploration focused research.
  • Research focused on donations and endowments.
  • Co-acquisition of scientific-technical equipment and infrastructures (in-kind contributions).
  • Positioning of ENHANCE as a one-stop science and technology provider for large organisations.
  • Dissemination of ENHANCE’s research on global hot topics as a means of alliance promotion.


  • Creation of the ENHANCE entrepreneurship space (start-up, spinoff, tech transfer).
  • ENHANCE business acceleration summer school.
  • Participation/presence at entrepreneurial fairs, conferences and general events.
  • Creation of the ENHANCE technology translation space to accelerate tech transfer High level of technology readiness.
  • Creation of lab-industry-market innovation chains for marketable technologies.
  • Tech transfer and technology translation (acceleration) events.
  • Hackathons, Maker Fairs and the like.
  • Venture capital from industry in university start-ups and spinoffs.



Name : DicaTIC Chair



Promote the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as a driver for social inclusion



Valencia Regional Ministry of Innovation, Universities, Science and the Digital Society


  • Master Classes, conferences, seminars, and workshops.
  • Promotional activities for women and girls in science and technology.
  • Crowdsource thematic events around local and global community problems.
  • Dissemination of the EACs’ activities through events, printed materials, web and social media.

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