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Launch of the next edition of ENHANCE mentoring program for startups

Empowerment of innovators and business development are some of the areas of interest of the ENHANCE Alliance. We aim to make it easier for visionaries to implement their ideas internationally. One kind of support we provide is the ENHANCE Mentoring program for Startups.


In the program, we match interested teams with mentors from 6 different countries, experienced in 5 other fields: internationalization, business development, idea validation, sustainable development, and customer development. Based on the questionnaires filled by the startups we can choose the most suitable mentors for them.


The entire program will be conducted online. Therefore, there is no need to worry about any logistical problems.


We kindly invite you to make the most of the opportunities provided by the ENHANCE Alliance.

For more information and a questionnaire for interested teams, please visit:

The recruitment form is open until the 6th of December