The ENHANCE Alliance will offer transferable skills courses for early-career researchers at the seven-member universities to create a broad European research network. Soon all the universities will provide proper information on how to join and get enrolled.
In the overview below, you will find courses that are conducted in English. The courses will be primarily open for researchers from the ENHANCE Alliance (some courses may allow for broader participation). You can find more details on the various courses when clicking on the links.
Sustainable Develoment: Values, Technology in Society, and the Researcher, GFOK105 Chalmers
Research Utilisation, GFOK120 Chalmers
Scholarly Information Retrieval, GFOK115 Chalmers
Applied Project Management, GFOK065 Chalmers
Doing Science: Methods, Ethics and Dissemination (MN8000) NTNU
Academic Skills for PhD Candidates – Sources, Writing, Publishing, and Visibility – A Library Course NTNU
Project Management (TS500915) NTNU
Applied Project Management (TPK4115) NTNU
Epistemology of Scientific and Technological Research (Technologies Reshaping Humans) POLIMI
Scientific Reasoning: Philosophy, Logic and Applications POLIMI
Sustainability Metrics, Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Footprint POLIMI
Introduction to Academic Research POLIMI
Practicing Research Collaboration POLIMI
Ethical Aspects of Research on Dual-Use Technologies POLIMI
Ethics in Research POLIMI
Approaches to Resilience: Social, Economic, Environmental and Technological Challenges of Contemporary Human Settlements POLIMI
Technology and Society POLIMI
Project Management Basics POLIMI
Good Scientific Practice – Protecting Scientific Integrity RWTH
Online Course: Scientific Integrity RWTH
Agile Project Management in Reserach & Development RWTH
Digital Tools for Scientists TUB
Introduction to Open Science. How to practice science in an accessible, transparent and reusable way TUB
Applied Network Science to Maps of Science UPV
Ethics in Research UPV
Applied Research Methodology UPV
Ethical aspects of technoscientific research WUT
Managing information and knowledge: the Scientists toolbox WUT

The universities have a broader offer institutionally of transferrable skills courses and trainings, and many of these are also in the local languages. For an updated overview of transferrable skills courses at some of the institutions: