The first ENHANCE Social Media Challenge ran from 1 March until 9 April under the title “Welcome to my University”.


The two winners are from TU Berlin and UPV. The Instagram user @paniivanna studies architecture at TU Berlin and has edited a video with varied and beautiful images of TU Berlin University on a catchy, trendy music. The pictures following the rhythm of the sound create a very attractive promotion material for the university. For her part, the Instagram user @aurocka studies arts at UPV and has designed a video with personality, in which she appears and explains the advantages of studying at her home universities. The dynamic video has also a very nice rhythm full of modernity and puts together images the student personally recorded. They both created more interactivity with their post than the other candidates among the 8 videos submitted (5 from TU Berlin, 2 from UPV and one from NTNU).


The following is a summary of the features of this first Social Media Challenge.

Upload a video about your university and win a trip! ENHANCE Alliance launches its Social Media Challenge for ENHANCE students under the name “Welcome to my university”

The students of the universities of the ENHANCE Alliance have a nice opportunity to show their creativity and at the same time to spread the good points of their universities in the Social Media Challenge, launched under the name of “Welcome to my university”. The final aim of the ENHANCE Social Media Challenge is to create a sense of belonging to a large alliance of European technology universities and to promote among the students the interest in studying at one of the member campus.


Participating students will prepare a 20-40-second video to explain why other students from the ENHANCE Alliance should travel to study at their campus. In other words, what positive points they would highlight about their university to attract other ENHANCE students.


Participants must:

  • Post their videos on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #enhancealliance.
  • Mention the ENHANCE account of the social network in which they participate. @enhancealliance (Instagram) @ENHANCEAlliance (Twitter).
  • Follow the ENHANCE account of the social network on which they post their video.

The basic characteristics of the competition can be found in the following information.

basic information SMC - ENHANCE

Video as an example. Out of competiton

Informative video