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The FALLING WALLS LAB WARSAW 2022 Competition winners announced

On 15 September 2022, the national final of the FALLING WALLS LAB WARSAW competition took place in the Small Hall of the Warsaw University of Technology. The competition was arranged by the company “Pro-science” with the contribution of the Centre for International Cooperation. The Warsaw University of Technology hosted the final and one of the leading partners was the ENHANCE Alliance.


The Warsaw final brought together an audience of almost 200 people, including representatives from the world of science and business.


During the final, 20 participants – young researchers, PhD candidates, and students from all over Poland – presented their ideas or initiatives related to research. The most crucial premise was to break down barriers, to tear down the walls dividing the world of science, new technologies, economy, and society.


Each participant had 3 minutes to present the selected problem and its solution, which was evaluated by an international jury, including the Vice-Rector for Science at the Warsaw University of Technology, prof. Dr hab. inż. Mariusz Malinowski, Naveed Syed (Secretary General of the ENHANCE Alliance) and companies and media representatives. Among the finalists were eight people associated with the Warsaw University of Technology.


The first place was won ex aequo by Agnieszka Żuchowska (Faculty of Chemistry, Warsaw University of Technology) and Kiranmai Uppuluri (Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Microelectronics and Photonics). The first prize winner interested the audience in a new model for the early detection of diseases. In contrast, the second finalist presented a tool for monitoring the pollution level in water reservoirs (rivers, lakes, and ponds).


Second place went to Sada Raza (Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences), who presented an attractive solution for the food industry.


Mikołaj Więckowski (Faculty of Chemistry, Warsaw University of Technology) won third place for an idea to reduce heat loss in flats.


The Vice-Rector presented the first parallel science prize of the Warsaw University of Technology, Prof. Dr hab. inż. Mariusz Malinowski and Natalia Osica, founder and CEO of the company “Pro-science.” The second prize was presented by Naveed Syed (Secretary General of the ENHANCE Alliance) and Florian Frank (Head of the Science and Research Unit of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany).


An essential part of the FALLING WALLS LAB WARSAW final was the audience award, which went to Kiranmai Uppuluri.


The FALLING WALLS LAB Warsaw final winners have the opportunity to win the title of “Winner of the Year” in the “Emerging Talent” category. This award also allows them to participate in the international “Science Summit” conference (7-9 November 2022) and the workshops and meetings preceding it, organised especially for Falling Walls Lab winners from all countries. The Falling Walls Foundation coordinates this global effort.