Transferable skills courses for early career researchers

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In order to create a broad European research network, the ENHANCE Alliance will offer transferable skills courses for early-career researchers at the seven-member universities to create a broad European research network. Soon all the universities will provide proper information on how to join and get enrolled.

The interdisciplinary online courses will be offered throughout the academic year to facilitate PhD students’ learning in an international environment. These courses are primarily open to researchers from the ENHANCE Alliance and will be conducted in English.

By opening the courses to the whole Alliance, the seven-member universities are taking a first step towards creating a common background for all their scholars. Additionally, it is an opportunity to kick-start the development of an international curriculum.

As the ENHANCE educational strategy states, it is necessary to provide our students with a rich and diversified joint educational offer and expose them to physical and virtual mobility.

The courses offered are categorised into:

  • Career development
  • Communication
  • Interpersonal
  • Mobility
  • Research
  • Teaching and learning theories

You can download all course information below: