Training and learning opportunities

At ENHANCE, we work on attractive training offers for all students and staff. This section contains concrete trainings and learning opportunities from the diversity and gender field. All offers are free of cost for the ENHANCE community. All participants receive a participation certificate after the successful completion of the course. Take a look at our current offers below.

Important informationPlease use the official mail address of your university to identify yourself as ENHANCE participant when registering for these offers on this page.

MOOC “Embracing Diversity”

Dates: Starting on 28 March 2022

This 4-week course is aimed at understanding what the roots of biases and stereotypes are, what practical solutions are possible to adopt to promote the inclusion of women and members of the LGBT community in these environments, and why gender and sexual diversity drives innovation and generates new energy. The registration link will be published on 28 March. Stay tuned and in the meantime check out our course introduction video here. This MOOC is offered by our member university Politecnico di Milano and is open for all ENHANCE students and staff.


Training Course “United in Diversity?  How to survive Europe”

Dates: 9 May 2022, 9.00–12.00 CET / 14.00-17.00 CET and 16 May 2022, 9.00-13.00 CET

This 12-hour online training course gives staff (working in an international environment) new skills in intercultural learning, understanding (European) identity and anti-bias. We will focus on discrimination, racism and power issues. The participants will learn how to be successful and innovative in European collaborations. What is the secret of being successful and innovative when working within international teams? Having a high level of expertise is surely still needed but we need more when working in European teams. Skills such as intercultural learning, anti-bias, diversity and identity awareness and developing new habits are a must. What are do’s and dont’s of cross-border team work? This training course is not only about “awareness raising”. It will give you tools to break habits, to gets results, to manage your biases, to practice new behaviours, and to track your progress.  This training will help you to survive and be successful in European collaborations. Come and pick up your survival kit!

Application link. LIMITED PLACES: Please be aware that there are only up to 3 places available for each university. After the deadline (22 April), you will be informed if you have been chosen to take part in this training. This training course is offered by the ombudsman for all staff from ENHANCE universities

Have you never visited an anti-bias training before? Here is an interesting article about anti-bias trainings that work.  


 MOOC “Development of academic projects with a gender perspective”

In Spanish!

Dates: Starting on 15 May 2022 

The gender perspective incorporated into the development of academic projects represents an essential tool for the analysis of reality and the communication of their results, and the observation of the possible differentiated impact between women and men. This 15-hour MOOC provides the primary keys to understanding the gender perspective as an instrument of change to make possible the effective equality of women and men.

The MOOC aims at providing specific tools to work on gender in each of the phases of the academic project, from the formulation of the research hypothesis and the state of the matter to the writing of chapters and the establishment of conclusions. It offers concrete resources to include the perspective in the text itself and in the graphic materials that accompany it. Participants will also learn how neutral aspects such as the preparation of the bibliography are also crossed by gender conditions and how they can modify them to include women. The registration is open.

This MOOC is offered by Universitat Politècnica de València for students and staff. It is conducted in Spanish.


Training Course “Inclusive Leadership”

In German!

Dates: 14 June 2022, 9.00-13.30 CET and 21 June 2022, 9.30-13.30 CET

Eine inklusive Arbeitskultur fördert das Potenzial und die Stärken jedes und jeder Einzelnen und befördert dadurch die Motivation und die Innovationskraft der Mitarbeitenden. Dies stellt Führungskräfte an Hochschulen vor besondere Herausforderungen. Inklusive Führung bedeutet, sich der eigenen unbewussten Voreingenommenheiten und kognitiven Abkürzungen bewusst zu werden und mit diesem Bewusstsein die eigene Rolle zu gestalten und gezielte Impulse für eine zeitgemäße, diversitätsbewusste Kommunikations- und Arbeitskultur zu setzen. Interessierte aus der ENHANCE Allianz wenden sich gerne per Email an: Mehr Informationen sind hier zu finden.