ENHANCE lays the foundation for unrestricted mobility of students, researchers, and staff within the network, the establishment and expansion of transdisciplinary research activities with societal stakeholders, and the joint strengthening of sustainable innovations and start-ups. Diversity and gender equality lead to healthy organisations and to innovation. Educational opportunities and exchange within the European University should be accessible to all, independent of economic background, needs or family circumstances. That’s why diversity awareness and gender equality are core values of ENHANCE. We consider and promote these values in all our activities. We hope that the resources that are listed here inspire everyone on our common journey toward more diversity and equality.

1) Training and learning opportunities

At ENHANCE, we work on attractive training offers for all students and staff (including administrative and academic staff). Find our current offers in the diversity, inclusion and gender field. All offers are free of cost for the ENHANCE community. All participants receive a certificate of attendance after the successful completion of the course. Take a look at our current offers below.


Important informationPlease use the official mail address of your university to identify yourself as ENHANCE participant when registering for these offers on this page.

2) ENHANCE Guideline for bias-aware selection

In our working life, we take lots of decisions. Sometimes, our decisions may affect other people’s professional situations directly as well. Think of an application by someone, and imagine that you are the person who will select the “right” candidate. What do you look at first in this application? What would you ask during the interview? Scientific studies have proven that decision-makers might be affected negatively by their unconscious biases when involved in selection processes. These are often based on mistaken, inaccurate, or incomplete information. Reflection and some exercises can assist you in becoming aware of these biases and breaking these habits. This document will help you! This guide has been created for all those who are involved in the selection processes for activities in the ENHANCE Alliance, such as summer schools, staff weeks, workshops, seminars, training offers, mobility activities, or any other cross-border educational activity.

Link to https://issuu.com/rwth/docs/615_enhance_guideline_for_bias-aware_selection_lan

3) Annual report “Diversity and Gender Equality in ENHANCE”

The annual report “Diversity and Gender Equality in ENHANCE” for 2021 demonstrates for the first time the status quo on diversity and gender equality within our Alliance. The report presents three strategic goals of ENHANCE to increase our efforts on diversity and gender equality issues. As a benchmark, this report helps to identify common challenges and monitor progress within our impact-oriented approach.

Link to the report (https://enhanceuniversity.eu/strategic-papers/)

4) Contact Ombudsman for Diversity and Gender Equality 

Do you have any questions or comments about diversity or gender-related issues in ENHANCE alliance? Contact the ENHANCE ombudsman:

Melih Özkardes


+49 241 8090719