Coming together to create “The Next Normal”

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ENHANCE+ Kick-Off welcomed over 130 representatives from our 10 partner universities to Berlin

Last week’s ENHANCE+ project Kick-Off in Berlin marked a pivotal moment in the ENHANCE journey to activley shape European Education of the future. During two dynamic days, over 130 representatives of the Alliance’s ten partner universities gathered in Berlin to officially welcome the new project phase ENHANCE+ and continue the hard work that has been taking place since its formal inititation past November.

ENHANCE Secretary General Naveed Syed welcomes the Kick-Off guests to Technische Universität. © Julia Sommer/ENHANCE Alliance

The objective of the event, that took place on Februrary 22-23 2024, at Technische Universität Berlin, the coordinating university of ENHANCE, was clear: foster collaboration and alignment among stakeholders. During Day 1, Work Package meetings tackled crucial areas like European Education Pathways and Future Skills, setting the stage for deeper discussions. But beyond the agendas, the Kick-Off was about calibrating all active members of the meaningful work of the Alliance to the mission that unites ENHANCE in this new phase. It was a moment to celebrate the launch of ENHANCE+ and reaffirm the commitment of all ten partners to its success. Day two saw a focus on shaping the future of education and the skills needed for success in a globalized society. Parallel Cluster sessions explored the three ENHANCE Key Goals European Education without Barriers, the European University for the Future of Europe, and the European University for a Resilient Society, fostering collaboration and innovation.

One of the Kick-Off highlights was the ENHANCE Conversations 2024 on Future Skills. Joined by the Kick-Off participants as well as by a group of selected students and colleagues, a stellar panel of experts discussed the future: the future of educators, students and researchers, as well as of citizens of a global society, in a global labour market. Prof. Ena Voûte, ENHANCE Future Skills Lead and Pro Vice Rector of International Affairs, Delft University of Technology, Prof. José Monserrat del Río, ENHANCE Future Learning Lead and President of Internationalisation and Communication, Universitat Politécnica de Valéncia, and Katrin Redmann, Chief Operating Officer SAP Lab Paris, SAP, engaged in insightful discussions on the use of AI in innovation, progress-driven developments in learning and research, the growing need for intercultural competences, and the benefit adaptability across all skill sectors.

Moderated by Dr. Anne Schreiter, Executive Director, German Scholars Organisation, the panel was followed by participants both in-person at TU Berlin and via live stream all across Europe. For those who missed the ENHANCE Conversations 2024, the full recording is now available on the ENHANCE YouTube channel.

The ENHANCE Alliance, comprising ten leading European universities of technology, collaborates to transform the European Education Area into a dynamic hub for excellent education and collaboration. By offering innovative educational programs and initiatives, we aim to empower individuals and institutions to address global challenges such as climate action, artificial intelligence, diversity, and sustainable entrepreneurship, fostering a resilient and positive future for Europe.

After successfully having completed the first project phase from 2020-2023, ENHANCE+ started in November 2023. The ENHANCE+ project workplan has been designed in a co-creative process and has been endorsed by our senior governance bodies. Each member university coordinates one work package. Our 10 work packages work towards our three Key Goals: European Education without Barriers, the European University for the Future of Europe, and the European University for a Resilient Society.

© Julia Sommer/ENHANCE Alliance