Second Language Tandem Kick-Off Meeting 

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The Language Tandem project has officially started. Since 28th October, 232 people have joined the Webex platform and started looking for tandem partners.  ENHANCE Alliance is organizing the Second Language Tandem Kick-Off Meeting to present the project. You are in time to join us!


We would like to invite you to take part in the Second Language Tandem Kick-Off Meeting. During the meeting, we will present the project and explain how it works. Below you can find the agenda for the meeting and the registration link.

Second Language Tandem Kick-Off Meeting presentation will take place online on Thursday, November 25, from 14:00 to 15:30 (UTC+1:00).

Click here to register.


Meeting agenda:


  1. Language Tandem project presentation
  2. How to find a Language Tandem partner – Webex presentation
  3. Language Tandem successful learning checklist
  4. Language & Culture Quiz

After the meeting, you will receive a link with a form to fill in, and you will be added to the Language Tandem Team on Webex to find tandem partners.


About Language Tandem


The Language Tandems within the ENHANCE Alliance is a project for students, doctoral candidates, academic and administrative staff that aims to enhance language learning via a language exchange method and enables participants to make new contacts within the ENHANCE community.


The participants of the Language Tandem project can learn the following six languages: German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish and others.


Benefits from participation in the Language Tandem project:


  • Developing communication skills one-on-one with a native speaker.
  • Developing listening skills and expanding vocabulary and grammar knowledge.
  • Getting to know up-to-date ICT tools for language learning.
  • Becoming a member of an international learning community.
  • Making new contacts within the ENHANCE community.
  • Exchanging knowledge and experience connected with studying in different countries.
  • Getting prepared for an exchange within the ENHANCE Alliance.
  • Starting new projects within the ENHANCE Alliance.
  • Having an academic record, including participation in the Language Tandems project.
  • Developing intercultural competence.