Anti Bias Lunch - Enhance
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The ENHANCE Alliance challenges implicit Bias in a 60 minutes training

The Anti-Bias Lunch Breaks take only 60 minutes or less to attend during the lunch break and help increase awareness about an important topic in our alliance. Several dates are offered in March 2023 and everyone in the ENHANCE community is invited to join. You can register on this page and the sessions will take place on Zoom.


As an alliance of seven universities in six different countries, the ENHANCE Alliance encourages exchanges in various genres, but not everyone is equipped equally regarding contact with differences. We all have implicit biases. They are these behaviours and judgments toward others we’re unaware of, the attitudes we adopt, or the associated stereotypes we believe about others without our conscious knowledge. This common fact is the reason why the ENHANCE Alliance offers Anti-Bias Lunch breaks, a new low-threshold training during a lunch break. Most of our  unconscious biases might lead to discrimination, exclusion, inequality, injustice, and even racism.


It is important to become aware of our own biases, especially when given the opportunity, because sometimes we don’t even notice the impact they can have on our opinion or the performance of a team we are a part of. “This workshop is not about making the biases go away,” Melih Özkardes, ENHANCE Ombudsman for Diversity, explains. “It is about understanding them and actively keeping them away from the decision processes.” This offer will help participants realise their own bias by making them understand these implicit biases, which include microaggressions and intersectionality. They will have the opportunity to explore their biases and develop a 3-step approach to address them. “We want to get results, practice new behaviours, and track our progress,” Melih Özkardes adds.