Building the European University of Technology ENHANCE

The alliance of seven leading Universities of Technology shaping the future of Europe and driving transformation in science and society.

The ENHANCE Alliance is part of the ERASMUS+ funding programme for European Universities, powered by the European Commission. The initiative aims to create an innovative framework of European networks, fostering increased student and staff mobility as well as innovative forms of learning and engagement with society.

Our mission: ENHANCE will drive responsible societal transformation. Our strong alliance of seven European Universities of Technology will inspire and push for the development and utilisation of science and technology, for the benefit of society – turning global challenges into meaningful opportunities.


Latest news

ENHANCE Summer School

11 August 2021|

WUT is organising the first ENHANCE Summer School on Climate Change between 15-28 September 2021. The specific goal will be the preparation of the green campus final project.


17 June 2021|

The new project for students, doctoral candidates, academic and administrative staff that aims to enhance language learning via a language exchange method and enables participants to make new contacts within the ENHANCE community.

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ENHANCE micro-credentials

15 January 2021|

At ENHANCE, we see micro-credentials as a means to make our educational offer more flexible and thereby attract more diverse groups of learners, including non-traditional students seeking to change or update their skills portfolio and actively engage with new technologies.

From the EUN Launching event

4 November 2020|

Today, 4th November, was the launching event of European university networks, collecting new and old consortia, representatives from the European Commission and member states.

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