The ENHANCE Alliance has developed a broad range of cutting-edge learning opportunities to provide learners with the necessary skills to tackle today’s and future’s global challenges. Our innovative educational offer is structured among two main categories:


  1. The European Education Pathways (EEP) as a set of pilot degree programmes offering ENHANCE bachelor and master students a seamless physical and virtual mobility experience within the Alliance, automatic recognition included.
  2. Our micro-credentials & further learning opportunities comprising a broad array of short-term educational offers ranging from Certificate Programmes, Summer & Winter Schools over Training Offers & Workshops to our ENHANCE Language Tandems programme.
  3. ENHANCE Learning Space is the personalised learning environment of the ENHANCE Alliance. On this Moodle platform, educators, students and administrators can share all the information about their courses and use the tools for their management content repository, assignments, exams, etc. in one robust, secure and integrated system.

ENHANCE wants to provide easy access to all offers, services, and facilities provided by the universities that form the Alliance. We invite you to take advantage of our innovative learning methods, either you are a student, staff, lecturer or a life-long learner.


Join us as we make education more innovative.