ENHANCE Diversity Office officially inaugurated

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Launch of the ENHANCE DO underlines the Alliance’s commitment to foster Inclusion and Equity and to cultivate a safe, critical and fair enviroment

Members of the ENHANCE Diversity Office during the ENHANCE+ Kick-Off in February 2024 in Berlin (from left to right): Silvia Barattieri (PoliMi), Sadaf Nadimi (TU Delft), Hanna Wolf (ETH Zurich), Maria Saline (Chalmers), Katrin Feldmann (RWTH Aachen), Kathrin Philipp (TU Berlin),  Melih Özkardeş (RWTH Aachen), Janet Overland (NTNU), Hossein Ghami (Gdańsk Tech) und Ulrich Schutz (ETH Zurich)

The ENHANCE Alliance takes great pride in announcing the formal establishment of the ENHANCE Diversity Office (DO). This specialized unit, spearheaded by Work Package 10 Diversity, Impact, and Dissemination, assumes responsibility for advancing the recently introduced ENHANCE Road Map for Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (IDE).

The Road Map outlines a comprehensive strategy for integrating IDE principles into ENHANCE, recognizing the immense value of diverse perspectives in academic excellence. It underscores the profound significance of diverse viewpoints in fostering academic excellence. Access to the Road Map document is available for download here.

The ENHANCE Diversity Office: Catalyst for Inclusive Impact

Under the leadership of the Ombudsperson and comprising IDE specialists drawn from all ten member universities, the DO serves as a pivotal nexus for collaborative endeavors and transformative action.

Melih Özkardes, Work Package Lead, Head of the DO, and Ombudsman for Diversity in ENHANCE, elucidates, “The ENHANCE Diversity Office is the impact booster for our alliance. We will continue our collaboration with all relevant actors, like ENHANCE Clusters, Work Packages, and Governance Bodies, to ensure the Road Map’s successful implementation.”

The DO assumes a critical role in guaranteeing that emerging initiatives and advancements within ENHANCE are imbued with IDE perspectives from their inception. This proactive approach actively dismantles existing barriers and precludes the emergence of new impediments.

Prof. Dr. Geraldine Rauch, Chair of the Board of Directors of the ENHANCE Alliance and President of TU Berlin, offers wholehearted endorsement for this endeavor. “Diversity and inclusion constitute foundational tenets of ENHANCE,” she affirms. “The DO signifies our commitment to fostering an inclusive environment that celebrates the richness of our diverse community.”

Join Us in Pioneering a More Inclusive ENHANCE

The establishment of the ENHANCE Diversity Office marks a new chapter for the Alliance. Through strong collaboration, the DO and the broader ENHANCE community stand poised to harness the vast potential encapsulated within embracing diversity and inclusion.

To learn more about our work around Inclusion, Diversity and Equity, register for the monthly Diversity and Impact newsletter to stay updated of all developments, or visit the ENHANCE Diversity Hub.

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