A Unified Community of Practice

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European Universities Alliances Launch FOR-EU4All

The new initiative FOR-EU4All brings together over 60 current and prospective European Universities alliances to create a unified, collaborative framework. This project aims to build a supportive environment where these alliances can share best practices and experiences, extending benefits to the broader European Higher Education (HE) sector.

As prominent entities within the European Education Area (EEA) and the European Research Area (ERA), these alliances are at the forefront of pioneering transnational cooperation. They are working towards comprehensive transformation within European higher education through innovative approaches and collaborative efforts.

The Evolution of FOR-EU

The FORum of European Universities (FOR-EU), an informal network established at the inception of the European Universities initiative (EUI), has brought together experts from various countries and institutions. This network has fostered active communities on strategic topics, including educational cooperation, governance, research and innovation, and student engagement. With over 20 subgroups and multiple parallel forums, FOR-EU has facilitated the coordination and collaboration of alliances. Given the expanding scale and impact of the EUI, there is now a need to consolidate these groups and allocate dedicated resources.

Formalizing Collaboration through FOR-EU4All

FOR-EU4All aims to formalize and expand the informal processes that have developed within FOR-EU over the past four years. The project will focus on improving administration, coordination, communication, and dissemination, while strengthening connections with the wider HE sector and existing networks. It will also engage with decision-makers to address both achievements and challenges related to the EUI. By bringing together the strengths of individual alliances, FOR-EU4All aims to enhance transnational cooperation in European higher education.

Commitment to EEA and ERA Goals

European Universities alliances are dedicated to achieving the objectives of the EEA and ERA. Through collaboration with stakeholders, the FOR-EU4All project will tackle persistent challenges in transnational collaboration within the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), including joint educational provision, mobility, and digital and research innovation collaboration. The project underscores a commitment to overcoming obstacles and realizing a lasting transformation in European higher education.

Project Funding and Partnerships

The European Commission has awarded 1.8 million euros to the FOR-EU4All project, which will run for 48 months starting from November 1, 2024. Associated partners include the European University Association (EUA), the European Students’ Union (ESU), the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA), the European Association of Institutions in Higher Education (EURASHE), and the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). These partnerships will play a crucial role in the project’s success and impact.