Modular training toolkit for students engaged in ENHANCE activities

We propose the concept of a toolkit intended for students interested in engaging in ENHANCE activities. We present ideas, tips, and advice for organising processes that involve students in co-creating activities associated primarily with teaching and learning and with research to a lesser extent. We show examples of such activities currently taking place at the ENHANCE universities.

  Information tool for service-learning and volunteering opportunities

Service-learning combines learning with the community service in order to provide the  meaningful learning experience while managing real-life problems and meeting societal needs. It must, however, be stressed that service learning is not simply academic credit for volunteer work and service to society – the emphasis is on learning and specific learning outcomes are to be achieved by students. In case of the ENHANCE universities, a well-designed service learning should include some non-trivial engineering or technology related component.

  Transdisciplinary Education and Science

The complexity of major global challenges such as climate change, migration, global health, and urbanisation, requires universities and teaching institutions to innovate their education offers by fostering collaborative and participative approaches. Whereas interdisciplinarity aims on an enhanced coaction between disciplines, transdisciplinarity seeks to describe, recognise and explore knowledge and proficiency across, over and beyond (lat. trans) disciplines (lat. disciplinae). Its core idea is to create strategic research alliances between university and society: faculty staff members collaborate with experts and practitioners from politics, culture, industry and civil society to develop sustainable technologies and solutions to current challenges

How to offer opportunities to bachelor and master students to take part in research projects and innovation ecosystems at our universities

Develop concepts to offer opportunities to bachelor and master students to take part in research and innovation ecosystems at our universities