Annual meeting WP6 “Diversity and Gender Equality” in Thondheim: A productive work to analyse what has been done and the near future in ENHANCE

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The ENHANCE Alliance WP 6 “Diversity and gender equality” held its annual meeting in Trondheim, where the future activities of ENHANCE+ were discussed during two very productive and inspiring work days. During the workshop, non-formal learning and thinking methods were used, making it possible to organise a series of indoor and outdoor sessions, including on a small island.


Some attendees were in Trondheim, and others joined the working sessions online. This did not prevent the online attendees from making the necessary contributions, thus enriching the debate and the multiple participation. Communication was perfect, and the feeling was that everyone was in the same room.


The work consisted of the current evaluation of the ENHANCE work package and the future activities of ENHANCE+, starting in November 2023. There was also an exchange session on good practices between the universities that make up ENHANCE. It is inspiring to see that all ENHANCE member universities are involved in integrating diversity, inclusion and gender equality in their universities. We share many common challenges that we address together. This meeting was an excellent boost for our work for the future of our #Europeanuniversity. Thanks to Tusen Takk and Janet Rautio Øverland for their great hospitality in Trondheim and for facilitating everything we needed to work during these two days.


Visit this page to find out more about our diversity and inclusion work: