ENHANCE alliance presented to Brussels

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The meeting contributed to develop the European vocation of ENHANCE and foundational principles:


  1. ENHANCE- the European University of Technology for the European Education Area


We will achieve the European Education Area by driving significant organizational change at all levels of Higher Education Institutions. Our Higher Education Innovator System will enable university staff, academics and non-academics, and students to jointly develop the European University of Technology of the future. Our ENHANCE European education pathways will create seamless mobility for all across all ENHANCE organisations. Together with stakeholders such as industry, professional organizations, national and European university organizations we will promote the necessary regulatory changes and transform our institutions for the future.


2. ENHANCE – a University Alliance that empowers people


Empowering people is central to us. In a participative process we will develop a value-based, inclusive educational model to ensure that our students, researchers and those looking for further education can fully develop their potential, independent of socio-economic or cultural background or physical and mental disabilities.


3. ENHANCE – an integral part of society


The European University as an integral part of European society – following the principle of the knowledge square and the quadruple helix  in all our activities; our combined strengths in engineering and science but also in the humanities and social sciences provides a solid research-led basis for value based education and knowledge creation with industry, policy and civil society.


Democratic and inclusive governance


The governance structure reflects the values of ENHANCE, with a particular focus on democracy and equality. Developed jointly with our student representatives, it drives their role as co-creators in the project.