Intercultural Seminar - ENHANCE
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Module “Intercultural Basic Qualification” for the ENHANCE Alliance’s students!

TUB gives the opportunity to all the universities of the ENHANCE Alliance to offer a module called “Intercultural Basic Qualification” to their students! As a 3 ECTS free choice or an additional module, this activity can be followed totally online from 20 February to 13 March or as a compact seminar in presence from 13 to 17 March. Proposed in English or in German and totally free of fee, this module is the occasion for the students of the ENHANCE Alliance’s partners to acquire a basic knowledge of intercultural communication and cooperation and develop important soft skills. The interested students have to register online through a form available on this page.


Complementary to any course of study, this module will give students knowledge in cultural and communicational sciences, especially regarding intercultural communication and cooperation. This knowledge will help them build better work environment in a more and more intercultural world. With some tools and strategies of successful intercultural cooperation, but also some application examples, students will improve their cultural awareness and develop a sensitivity for empathy. In addition, for those interested in going abroad, the module will propose strategical knowledge about requirements, stipulations, organisation, and execution of such journeys.


The ENHANCE Alliance thanks his partner TU Berlin for organising this module and offering to all the Alliance’s students the opportunity to take it.