What are the ENHANCE European Education Pathways?


They consist of a system of shared learning goals and outcomes, a subject and competence mapping tool that allows students to select courses across all educational offers of the partner institutions.


The European Education Pathways intend to unite the seven ENHANCE partner universities in ONE SINGLE EUROPEAN CAMPUS.


The partner universities organise more accesible physical mobilities with fewer administrative barriers through this initiative. With the catalogue of pre-approved courses, automatic recognition of credits and a set of guaranteed spots for ENHANCE students, there is no need to worry about the recognition of the courses inside your study plan and the integration of the mobility outcomes within your academic career.

Which are the benefits of enrolling in our EEPs?

  • A catalogue of pre-approved courses: you can create your study plan without difficulties by choosing from a list of courses pre-approved by your home institution
  • An automatic recognition of credits: you do not need to worry anymore about getting your ECTS recognised by your home university upon your return as the ENHANCE partners automatically recognize them, and your transcript will be automatically updated.

Which EEPs are currently available?


Five degrees are already included in the European Education Pathways list for the academic year 2022/2023:

  • BS in Mechanical Engineering
  • MS in Mechanical Engineering
  • MS in Energy Engineering
  • MS in Computer Science and Engineering
  • MS in Urban Planning

How to apply?

Contact your home university for more information about the specific ENHANCE calls. Access the Courses Catalogue to explore the courses available at each university: ENHANCE European Education Pathways Catalogue.



 How to finance your mobility within the European Education Pathways?

You can find economic support to finance your participation in the ENHANCE European Education Pathways using all the alternatives at your disposal provided by European Union grants. Contact the International Office of your home university to learn about the different possibilities of financing through EU grants.


  How to improve your language skills?

ENHANCE provides you with an opportunity to participate in Tandem programmes.

Please visit the ENHANCE Tandem Programmes web page to get detailed information about how to join them inside your home university and during your mobility period.


 How to get ready for your mobility?

Contact the ENHANCE team of the International Office of your home university to learn about ENHANCE European Education