First Staff week, held in UPV campus (València) focused on ENHANCE Alliance and its general aspects focusing in Key Goal 1: The European University of Technology to build the European Education Area. The sessions covered administrative training needs regarding the different topics and concepts developed within the work packages; selected on a mapping of existing trainings and identified training needs for administrative staff.

The activities of the SW were divided into 4 blocks and 18 h. of training.

  • Key topic of the day (1.30 h./day)
  • Training Course (1.30 h./day)
  • Coaching & workshops (1.45 h./day)
  • Teamwork & summary (1.15 h./day)



ENHANCE Staff Week was a three-day international staff training week that aims to improve the critical professional skills of administrative staff from ENHANCE Alliance Institutions.

Participants had the opportunity to work on their technical and social abilities in an authentic international setting. Upon completing the course sessions, participants had strengthened their innovation and internationalization awareness, communication and teamwork skills and increased their competence in managing modern university administration tasks.


Course organization and structure


Studying in a face-to-face and online workgroup allowed participants to test a hybrid mode training format and reach a broader understanding of the ENHANCE Alliance targets. Sessions include both theoretical and practical parts primarily focused on specific daily goals:

–      Day 1, International engagement, and alliance belonging: the ENHANCE feeling

–      Day 2, ENHANCE bottom-up innovation in university administration

–      Day 3, ENHANCE student participation and inclusion.

This Staff Week was designed to share a common understanding of the ENHANCE Alliance, therefore, a tailor-made approach towards the hybrid future of the European Higher Education and Research Area is used here.


Course assessment


Course assessment included various formal and informal tools ranging from questionnaires, focus groups discussions, one-minute papers, among others. Each course participant suggested several daily learning outcomes aligned with sessions taught and will undergo continuous assessment (individual daily pass/fail mark awarded by course tutors) gradually transformed into the final evaluation and certification.