Staff week kicks off at Chalmers

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Two ENHANCE staff weeks will take place simultaneously from the 26th until the 28th of April 2022, and both will be held at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. The staff weeks not only provide an ideal opportunity for staff from the seven universities to develop skills and knowledge specific to ENHANCE, but they also allow staff members from the partner campuses to meet colleagues and reinforce collaboration.


These two staff weeks are both part of the ENHANCE work package ‘’One Campus” and will include lectures, seminars, group work and training sessions focusing on different topics and concepts connected to the main themes of each staff week. The programme will include separate sessions for each staff week and then sessions in common for both staff weeks on the 28th of April.


Staff week number two has been organised by Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) and has as its main theme “Academic Virtual Exchange”. Sessions will answer key questions related to this topic and will include workshops such as “Co-creation in new learning environments” given by Agnieszka Skala, “Research-based education in virtual/hybrid learning environments” by Piotr Pałka and “Service learning: new opportunities for students and PhD candidates” that will investigate guaranteeing the usability and applicability of knowledge for future professionals, which will be given by Artur Filip.


Then staff week number three has been organized by Chalmers University of Technology and will primarily focus on European Education Pathways Towards Virtual Exchange. Among the programme of events there will be a Venture Day, organised by the Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship lead by Kristina Hejdenberg Sedström, a session on the “Tracks” initiative at Chalmers by Mikael Enelund and workshops such as, “An innovative educational framework for next generation of engineers” which will be given by Johan Malmqvist.


The topics covered are fundamental for the legislative future of the university and consist in providing staff with essential knowledge to develop the ENHANCE Alliance. The complete activities during both Staff Weeks will cover 18 hours in total, and in addition to formative activities, staff can enjoy the cultural and social events organised at Gothenburg, including a joint social event that will take place on Wednesday 27th of April.


It really does promise to be a unique experience for all involved and following the success of the first staff week held in Valencia last October, we hope to see the valuable participation of many ENHANCE staff members.