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Two workshops organised for the ENHANCE Incubator

The ENHANCE Incubator continues its activities next spring with two workshops at UPV and NTNU for the teams that won the first edition of the challenge. The six teams, composed of members from PoliMi, TUB, UPV, and WUT, have been working together since last September and are now invited to come to these two in-presence workshops. Their projects are all linked to the two challenges ENHANCE proposed. The first one was about diversity and inclusion of students with fewer opportunities at the university and the second one was about the use of artificial intelligence in university administration. The issues the teams chose to address and the improvements they will bring to their field will hopefully help the ENHANCE partners but also other universities in the future.


To help the members of the teams achieve their goals, ENHANCE offers its support but also some activities like the monthly meetings. Among those, we find these two workshops organised at UPV and NTNU in Spring. The idea is not only to bring all the ENHANCE Incubator’s participants together but also to teach them essential skills that will help them with their work on their project and also for their future.

The first workshop at UPV on 2 and 3 March

Therefore, UPV has decided to organise the workshop they will host on 2 and 3 March 2023 around the question of Entrepreneurial Skills. The two-day activities will be structured in two-hour-long modules covering the various aspects of entrepreneurship. They will address issues such as Artificial Intelligence Lab, Service design and Customer service, Business model, Team management, Funding, and Law. These different themes, illustrated by masterclasses combined with teamwork sessions, will give the participants the opportunity to learn skills outside of their research areas that will be helpful for the future of their project within the ENHANCE Incubator and also afterwards.


In addition to the teams, the UPV-ENHANCE members will be part of the workshop they organise and also, relevant members related to the topic. The ENHANCE Alliance thanks UPV and NTNU for organising these workshops and allowing the people working on the ENHANCE Incubator or interested in the projects represented to have this face-to-face international experience.