ENHANCE Alliance urges to foster gender equality and diversity in the European Education Area

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  • In this call, the top six projects will be funded with a total amount of 210,000 Euros. In addition, the winning teams will benefit from an incubator programme at Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) and Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).
  • Hybrid teams composed of at least two Alliance members can present their innovative ideas until 28 April 2022.
  • The best ten projects will participate in the final stage at UPV.



The ENHANCE Alliance launches two challenges to tackle artificial intelligence and diversity and inclusion at European Education Area. This initiative is integrated into the ENHANCE Higher Education Innovator programme and will support the top six projects presented by teams formed by at least two different Alliance members with 210,000 Euros.

The main objective of the ENHANCE Challenge is “to select the most disruptive ideas resulting from the joint efforts of the ENHANCE community. Thus, after being incubated for one year at UPV and NTNU, the awarded ideas will be integrated into the ENHANCE Alliance in order to improve the European education system”, says Professor Elena de la Poza from UPV and Project Coordinator of ENHANCE Challenge.



If you are a student, an academic or administrative staff from any ENHANCE member university, this is your opportunity to work in an international hybrid competition, to tackle the most challenging issues at European Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). It is a unique opportunity to realise the most disruptive ideas to improve the European education system.

Join the first international hybrid competition in teams composed from the ENHANCE community to  tackle one of these two challenges:

  • Challenge 1: Enhance diversity and inclusion of students with fewer opportunities at the university
  • Challenge 2: Enhance the use of artificial intelligence in university administration

Participants will compete by teams (minimum three people). Each team will consist of people from at least two different Alliance member universities and a maximum of seven. Gender diversity and diversity in participants’ profiles (student, academic ⎯included teaching staff⎯, or administrative staff ⎯included technical staff-) is highly recommended.

Join the competition as a team or register individually, and you will have the opportunity to team up online.

Only 210 seats are available!



Phase 0: 28 April 2022 – TEAM UP session, find your team to start the competition.

Phase 1: 5-6 May 2022 – Up to 210 virtual participants will connect online through Slack and Zoom to interact, learn and develop their innovative ideas.
Participants will have the opportunity to tune in for plenary sessions and engage with asynchronous content to design their thinking process.
Teams will deliver pitches addressing one challenge. The best five ideas for each challenge will be selected for the final stage in Valencia (UPV Campus).

Phase 2: 24-25 May 2022 – 10  finalist teams will meet in Valencia and share their experiences through keynotes and workshops.



All participants will interact directly with the professionals through the platform during the two stages of the challenges to learn more about them. A certificate of participation, including 34-hour training (3.4 ECTS), will be provided.
The finalist teams (10 teams) will receive a budget for travel expenses to Valencia and participate in the final, presenting their ideas to an international board.
The top three ideas per challenge will be funded with up to 35,000 Euros per team*. They will also be rewarded with an incubator programme (2 days training-mentoring for each winning team at NTNU (Challenge 1) and UPV (Challenge 2) as well as travel and accommodation in Autumn 2022).

Registration will be open on 1st April 2022.

*the amount funded will depend on the financial needs foreseen by the team. The funds will be allocated and managed within the ENHANCE institutions in agreement with the team members. Thus, according to EU criteria, worksheets for academic staff and work justification are required; UPV students will be funded with a travel budget to an ENHANCE member university.