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ENHANCE – The European Universities of Technology Alliance invites you to its first ENHANCE community event on 12th March 2021.


We want to empower people to develop and use science and technology for the benefit of society. Together, we aim to turn global challenges into opportunities. Our societies are undergoing a dramatic challenge right now – we want to reflect together on what this will mean for our universities and their role in society:


How is the pandemic amplifying trends and transformations of society, in research and education? What advantages and opportunities exist? Which challenges are more easily solved at the European level? Will we all grow tired of digitalization or will universities become more virtual than ever before? What does that mean for life on campus? How will we work in university administration, research and education in the future?


We take great pleasure in inviting students and staff from the seven ENHANCE Universities and the ENHANCE associate partners to our first digital event “Launching the future” on 12th March 2021.


Detailed information and registration form on enhancelaunchevent.eu