Our aim at ENHANCE is to empower students, to responsibly address the challenges. We will offer our students at the ENHANCE member universities a wide variety of options to get involved.

Language Tandems

Want to learn a language? Participate in our ENHANCE Language Tandems and make a new connection!

Summer Schools

Want to help tackle global challenges? Keep an eye out for the next ENHANCE Summer School.

Diversity and Gender Equality

Want to create a positive impact? We offer attractive training offers for students on how to become more diversity and gender sensitive. All training offers are free of cost and participants receive a certificate after the successful completion of our courses.

Student Forum

Want to make a change? Get in touch with Marco Guerini, Chair of the ENHANCE Student Forum and find ways to get involved in our governance.

One Campus

One Campus will be our ENHANCE-wide education platform with innovative learning offers, virtual and short-term courses and micro-credentials. We will keep you posted on the launch of One Campus!

Join us! (CTA)

Email adreess for staff

Join us! (CTA)

Email adreess for scientists