DIGI HE webinar enhanced learning and teaching

Institutional Strategy and Organisational Culture

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“Institutional strategy and organisational culture” webinar aims to support institutions in the assessment of their achievements and opportunities in digitally enhanced learning and teaching.


It will take place online on 19 October at 14.00 CEST.


Registration is free of charge and open to all EUA members.


Registration remains open until 5 October 2021.


Hybrid formats and digital transformation


The COVID-19 crisis has enhanced practice and fuelled discussion on the digital provision of learning and teaching. Almost 90% of institutions are now boasting a strategy, and are much better acquainted with fully online, blended and hybrid forms of learning than before.


Past months have also brought some lessons learnt and insights on what works and what does not, and magnified gaps and shortcomings from infrastructure and educational resources to digital skills needs and the psycho-social implications of digital formats and approaches.


Many institutions are strongly determined to seize the opportunities emerging from the crisis and further enhance and develop a “high-performance digital education ecosystem”. But where does one start and what should be considered? In addition, how could institutions be supported through national and European measures, also in view of “Europe’s Digital Decade”?


Free of charge and open to all EUA members, the workshop will be of interest to higher education leaders responsible for learning and teaching and its digital transformation. Participants will actively contribute to the discussions and peer exchanges – a major source of inspiration and learning. Therefore, attendance is limited to 30 people, with a maximum of two participants per institution.


DIGI-HE project and digital enhance


The DIGI-HE project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission, explores different ways higher education institutions can boost their strategic approaches to digitally enhanced learning and teaching and enhance their capacity. Led by the European Universities Association (EUA).


Similar events will follow on curriculum and internationalisation. All workshops will consider the use of existing self-assessment tools for digitally enhanced learning and teaching and touch on issues explored in the DIGI-HE project.


For further information, please consult the programme.