Students from WUT addressed the urban space issue with tutors ‘ Guidance from the summer school 2023 “Students against climate change”

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A group of students from Warsaw University of Technology, under the guidance of tutors of the ENHANCE Students Against Climate Change Summer School 2023 – Anna Cudny, PhD and Artur Jerzy Filip, PhD – and Prof. Krystyna Solarek from the Faculty of Architecture, has practically addressed the issue of citizen-oriented design of urban space. They started with Plac Politechniki, a large square in front of the main building of the Warsaw University of Technology, preparing an ecological installation for the holiday period – a green area with forest trees.


The installation is part of an educational project organised by the Warsaw Branch of the Association of Architects of the Republic of Poland and the WUT Faculty of Architecture.


The ongoing urbanisation can adversely impact human well-being. According to WHO, noise is the most polluting factor for our environment after smog. Numerous lectures and educational workshops were organised in Warsaw on recognising and protecting against noise. The events aimed to perceive urban noise as a physical, social, cultural, economic and spatial phenomenon.


The project’s outcome is a spatial installation with real trees where you can come into and have a unique sensual experience. The authors encourage everyone to experience what nature offers with all senses. Simple instructions facilitate this – suggestions to touch a cone or grass and leaves, smell plants, or walk among the trees, sit down and stay there for a while.


Organisers of the :W CENTRUM project: Warsaw Branch of the SARP Polish Architects Association and the Faculty of Architecture of the Warsaw University of Technology.

Co-organisers: City of Warsaw and Association for Better Acoustics in Buildings “Komfort Ciszy”.

Main project partner :W CENTRUM: Saint-Gobain group.

Main HA-LAS installation partners: Warsaw University of Technology and plant company Ulińscy.

HA-LAS installation partner and maintenance: Greenspace Management Office of the City of Warsaw.