The 35 ENHANCE Alliance students who have participated in the summer school “Students against climate change” have presented a video project as a final result

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The ENHANCE Summer School 2023 “Students Against Climate Change” took place between 10 and 14 July, organised by WUT. Participants obtained essential knowledge and skills in climate change issues through guest lectures, group discussions and hands-on activities in designing, prototyping and testing their ideas.


The summer school’s main goal was to design a solution to the climate change problem diagnosed and discussed in the course.


The summer school was a continuation of the online classes conducted from 4 July by Warsaw University of Technology tutoring staff consisting of Mariusz Kaleta from the Department of Electronics and Information Technology, Anna Cudny and Artur Jerzy Filip from the Faculty of Architecture, Anna Rolewicz-Kalińska from the Faculty of Building Services, Hydro and Environmental Engineering, Katarzyna Bargieł from the Cartography Department at the Faculty of Geodesy and Cartography. The organisational side of the event was coordinated by the staff of the Centre for International Cooperation – Anna Smulska and Piotr Szczepański.


The summer school consisted of three parts. During the first part (online, July 4-5), students were introduced to climate change problems. They listened to lectures by guests Iwona Wagner (University of Łódź) and Magdalena Jaskiewicz (UNEP/GRID-Warszawa). For the second part (July 10-14), the participants came to Warsaw for a workshop, where they were divided into teams of 6 according to their competencies, based on personal questionnaires developed by an interdisciplinary team from WUT staff members – Piotr Pałka, Urszula Szczepankowska-Bednarek, and Agata Żak. The last part of the summer school was the student’s work and the summary and presentation of group projects in films (online, July 18-20).

Each team’s work has published on Instagram the project process and the results:

1 Team – HERE
2 Team – HERE
3 Team – HERE
4 Team – HERE
5 Team – HERE
6 Team – HERE 

The final films prepared by the students as part of the summer school will be presented to the public during the XV edition of the festival ‘Warsaw Under Construction: It’s Already Cold’, organised by the Museum of Warsaw in September 2023.


One of the elements of the summer school was a study visit to the Jazdów Open Studio, located in one of the Finnish houses in Jazdów, run by the Academic Association of the Faculty of Architecture of the Warsaw University of Technology, where Mateusz Potempski – a student of the Faculty of Architecture and host of the studio – talked about the daily operation of the studio and its history and role and importance of Jazdów for Warsaw and its residents primarily in the context of climate change.


The summer school was attended by 35 students from 9 universities and 7 countries. Thanks to NAWA funding, 4 students from Ukraine (Kyiv Polytechnic University and Lviv Polytechnic University) participated. Participants in the summer school will receive 4 ECTS credits.

Link to the summer school website, with final videos and photo