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The Data Literacy Winter School will start soon in Warsaw!

The Data Literacy Winter School for ENHANCE Students is ready to start in a few days for its onsite period in Warsaw, which will take place from 6 to 10 February. It will be followed by an online period from 12 February to 12 March. This module will give the participants the skills necessary to transform data into knowledge and provide an opportunity to use these basic skills on a specific project. For this activity, offered free of charge and financed by the Blended Intensive Programme of Erasmus +, the students will be rewarded with a certificate of participation with a 4 ECTS equivalence. They’ll have the occasion to get their work reviewed by academic teachers from three members of the ENHANCE Alliance, Warsaw University of Technology, Technical University of Berlin, and Valencia Polytechnic University.


The onsite and online versions of the Winter School are both organised around 40 hours of learning through lectures, workshops, and project work, with 20 hours of self-work and reporting added for the asynchronous mode project. A detailed schedule of the two formats proposed is available online. This course design will provide theoretical and practical activities during which the participants will work face-to-face and online in groups of 3 or 4 persons made-up of students from various ENHANCE universities. The construction of the winter school offers the best way to cover different aspects of the subject with two sections. One will be about the training: participants will receive the necessary knowledge through training modules delivered by tutors. The main course topics will be an introduction to Python focused on data analysis, machine learning, and text processing. The second section will be about the project. With the assumptions of the Problem-Based Learning methodology, the participants will face a challenge that will be solved at the end of the winter school. This offer is possible thanks to the participation of many tutors and speakers from the Polish, German and Spanish partner universities already mentioned: Jose V Benlloch-Dualde, Felix Buendia-Garcia, Anna Cena, Anastasiya Danilenka, Muhammad Farhan Safdar, Soveatin Kuntur, Timm Teubner, and Anna Wróblewska.


The students taking part in these activities have all completed at least the first year of their bachelor studies and have knowledge of Basic Mathematics, Statistics, and Probability. If they all needed to have well-developed social competences to apply to this Winter School, it is also because the social aspect of the onsite version is not left behind. Warsaw University of Technology also mentioned in the explanation of the Winter School that the participants will be offered a guided tour of laboratories at the Centre for Advances Materials and Technologies CEZAMAT, and they are invited to join social events.


The ENHANCE Alliance is glad to offer its students the opportunity to gain more knowledge on the topic of Data Literacy without forgetting the human and social aspects of an intercultural exchange.