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The WUT International Summer Schools are open for applications!

The Warsaw University of Technology, member of the ENHANCE Alliance, invites students to take part in the International Summer Schools organised in June and July 2023. Registration is already open and students have until 14 May to apply to one of the five programmes proposed.


Registration website

Information website


The lectures and workshops dispensed during these summer schools focus on transferring practical knowledge and are conducted by renowned professors and researchers from the Warsaw University of Technology. Funded by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange as a part of the SPINAKER Programme – Intensive International Curricula, the summer schools are part of a project aiming at increasing the practical skills and knowledge of the participants and reaching foreign students and institutions with a scientific offer.


If the summer schools will help increase the recognition and international scientific cooperation of WUT, they also have the capacity to promote Polish culture and increase the competences of both the academic teacher involved and the participants. The latter will also have the opportunity to take part in blended-learning courses depending on the programme they participate in, they will then be granted a scholarship to reimburse travel, accommodation, and food costs. Moreover, the participants will get a credit of 5 to 7 ECTS, depending on the course.


The choices are broad since the students can choose between the 5 following programmes:


  1. Modeling and improvement of processes in supply chains
  1. Process modeling
  1. Modern electrical engineering
  1. Photovoltaics
  1. Photonics
  • organiser: Faculty of Physics
  • learning form: blended (onsite and on-line)
  • details: Photonics / Homepage

All the students interested, including the students of other member universities of the ENHANCE Alliance, are invited to apply to one of these programmes and enjoy a great international experience on both cultural and academic aspects.