Our aim at ENHANCE is to empower students, to responsibly address the challenges. We will offer our students from the ENHANCE member universities a wide variety of options to get involved.

Language Tandems

Want to learn a language? Participate in our ENHANCE Language Tandems and make a new connection!

Student Forum

The Student Forum is the representative student body of the ENHANCE Alliance, made up of two students from each university who give their opinions and ideas on how to build the European Education Area. Want to make a change? Get in touch to get involved in our governance.

Mobility for all

This page shows you all the services and contact persons that might be relevant for you if you are considering going abroad for study or research people.

Educational Offer

Educational Offer will be our ENHANCE-wide education platform with innovative learning offers, virtual and short-term courses and micro-credentials. We will keep you posted on the launch !

Database for open positions in starts up

We developed a database to post open positions in start-ups and help students to find interesting jobs and co-founder positions. Our database will enable team building across Europe, giving start-ups access to talent but also facilitating scale-up in Europe through understanding of European markets. Both, start-ups and students who look for a job/co-founder position in a start-up, will benefit from the truly European approach to bring together the brightest minds from all universities to create innovative businesses.

Platform for Student Research Opportunities

The ENHANCE Platform for Student Research Opportunities offers attractive research opportunities to students and young researchers who are interested in taking part in a research or thesis project or a research internship at one of the ENHANCE member universities.