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Development of sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems (SEI) is key when universities take on the important role as drivers and enablers of sustainable development. Research in ENHANCERIA is carried out through mapping and then connecting actors somehow engaged in SEI at the ENHANCE universities. The work will 1) allow comparisons and identification of SEI examples, 2) enable learning and integration between actors – both horizontally and vertically and 3) generate insights into how European technical universities can show SEI leadership. By embedding sustainability into the entrepreneurial mindset of students and researchers we will contribute to responsible research and innovation at large. Having an entrepreneurial mindset is regarded as a key resource in the movement towards sustainability and for finding solutions for the grand challenges of today and tomorrow. This will be important for all core tasks of universities: education, research and innovation (including service to society).

The summer school 2022 (© Karen Williams Middleton)
The summer school 2022 (© Karen Williams Middleton)


Objective 1:

Increase understanding of how sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation (SEI) missions and actions can be exemplified, evaluated and institutionalized in and around universities

Objective 2:

Develop and pilot methods and tools to measure sustainable impact/sustainable return on investment of start-ups and research projects

Objective 3:

Present groundwork for future development of SEI-related courses and programs


Task 1

Literature research, document analysis, partner screening and development of research instruments

Task 2

Developing a framework for, and piloting, sustainable impact/sustainable return on investment

Task 3:

Establishing a network of researchers (within SEI)

Task 4:

Provide input to develop workshops and modules and select SEI cases and evaluate actions and effects)


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement  No 101035806