ENHANCE agreement signed

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During the three-year funding period, ENHANCE will lay the foundations for an innovative European University of Technology, spanning six countries, which enables and accelerates the European Education Area. Guided by the concepts of integration and innovation, we will establish the structures for a strong and sustainable Alliance to fulfil our central long-term vision:


To drive responsible societal transformation by enhancing a strong alliance of European Universities of Technology, empowering people to develop and use science and technology responsibly and tum global challenges into opportunities.


Key long-term goals to reach this vision:


  • ENHANCE will contribute to build the European Education Area.
  • ENHANCE Alliance will aim at people empowerment.
  • ENHANCE will strive to be an integral part of society.

Steps towards the long-term vision

ENHANCE aggregates long-term, primarily bilateral, university cooperations in education, research and innovation, and raises them to a completely new level – as strong and innovative alliance on European Higher Education.


The process will be grounded in seven work packages, designed jointly by the partners, involving students, academic and administrative staff.


Piiot topics for the first three years

To achieve the ENHANCE vision efforts will be focused on three pilot topics, for developing the Alliance’s new structures and processes, cross cutting the different activities. The pilot topics reflect our common and complementary research strengths, regional priorities and are in line with the European Commission’s priorities.


A key factor in today\’s challenges are disruptive technologies. ENHANCE with documented strengths in digitalisation and in artificial intelligence we are ideally placed to contribute to the Commission\’s priority of making Europe fit for the digital age.