ENHANCE contributes to national regulations on micro-credentials in Poland 

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In a significant development, the Polish Ministry of Education and Science, with active contributions from our partner Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) and the ENHANCE Alliance, has emphasised the importance of micro-credentials in the process of ushering in a new era in higher education. This transformative initiative, announced on October 30, is poised to directly benefit academic students across the nation. 


On October 30th, the Ministry reached out to Higher Education Institution rectors and research institute directors, actively encouraging institutions to develop and offer micro-credentials, recognizing their pivotal role in advancing education. The official guidelines, are available here, alongside three documents highlighting best practices, with WUT prominently featured. Prof. Andrzej Krasniewski, coordinator of the ENHANCE micro-credentials framework, played a key role in this development. The document focuses on ENHANCE, with Section 7 specifically noting how this initiative influenced the development of institutional regulations at WUT. The recognition of WUT’s efforts, showcased on the official government website, highlights the national significance of their exemplary work in the micro-credential space. The active involvement of the ENHANCE Alliance, represented by WUT, underscores the collaborative nature of this positive development. 


As Poland embraces micro-credentials to enhance the flexibility and relevance of higher education, the pivotal role played by Warsaw University of Technology and the ENHANCE Alliance signals a future where academic students stand to benefit from a more tailored, skills-oriented, and globally competitive education, setting the stage for a brighter, more dynamic future in the academic landscape.