ENHANCE supports the Manifesto on the Future of Universities in Europe

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The grassroots student initiative European Universities Community (EUC) brings together students of all levels from the European University Alliances to give students a voice in the Conference on the Future of Europe.  In this context, students were invited to write a manifesto, and the product of several months of discussions with students across Europe is the EUC Manifesto on the Future of Universities in Europe which was officially presented to Commissioner for Education, Youth, Sports and Culture, Mariya Gabriel, during the Forum of Universities for the Future of Europe on 25 January 2022.


The manifesto promotes a vision for European universities as leaders of global change in our common future, and presents ideas from the student community on how challenges could be overcome and the potential of the European University Alliances fulfilled.


On the recommendation of the ENHANCE Student Forum, the ENHANCE Alliance is very happy to endorse this manifesto and its reflections on a way forward for European Higher Education – developing sustainable, collaborative universities with diverse mobility offers and common education programmes. The ENHANCE mission is similarly founded on core European values, and envisages a world where the European University plays an integral part in European society in developing responsible innovation and shaping our joint future.


This manifesto illustrates the value of the voice of student communities in the development of the European University Alliances. Students are at the core of the ENHANCE vision and have a central role to play in the co-creation of our educational offers and future strategy. We welcome the opportunity the manifesto presents to reflect on how universities can best contribute to the future of Europe, whilst empowering their students to do the same!

You can read and sign the Manifesto on the Future of Universities in Europe here.