The ENHANCE Fundraising Office is specifically responsible for attracting and managing private support for ENHANCE, its university members and its programmes.


ENHANCE follows the principle of the knowledge square and the quadruple helix, where academia, industry, policymakers and civil society are at the core of our activities.


To do that, the collaboration of Associated partners, Alliance Chairs, Donors and EU Funding are part of our essence because it helps us to link society,  education, innovation, transfer and talent.


The Associated Partners provide cross-disciplinary advice from different sectors; the Alliance Chairs represent the strategic linking of the company’s activities with the university ecosystem; while Donors give economic support to those relevant activities that they find worth it and valuable to enhance learning and knowledge acquisition.

Thanks to your collaboration, we can multiply the opportunities for:

Education ENHANCE






The ENHANCE Fundraising Office offers you a new information platform about our activities for strengthening collaboration between society and the alliance.


Our aim is to facilitate the involvement of society in projects that respond to present and future challenges and to enable the ENHANCE community to propose initiatives that need support.


The current social challenges need innovative projects to address them, and the ENHANCE Alliance plays a key role in this process. The ultimate goal is to contribute to a better present and a more sustainable future for younger generations.

Through the tool below, we would like to give you all the information about the activities and events developed in ENHANCE.


Any contribution can be decisive for a project to become a reality. Every person in this community of donors is essential for the ENHANCE Alliance to multiply its capacities and overcome the obstacles to a better future.

We have designed a webtool based on an activities database for possible funding lines. The activities are organised around  the three pilot topics of the ENHANCE Alliance: Digitalisation and AI, Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities, and Climate Action.

Within each of them, you can find a classification of different areas and then, access each specific activity to which you can contribute and collaborate.


Digital transformation is one of the key drivers for companies to deliver value to their customers in an increasingly competitive and changing business environment

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A smart and sustainable city is an innovative city that uses ICT to improve people’s quality of life, the efficiency of urban operations and services, and its competitiveness.


Climate action is at the heart of the policies, strategies and plans of countries, businesses and civil society. The response to the problems generated by this issue must be improved, promoting education and awareness of the whole population in relation to the phenomenon

Here are resources of funding opportunities for researchers and entrepreneurs. Different types of grants and other support offered by national and international funding agencies, as well as other private partners, can be of your interest. Please note that this section aims to provide an overview of the variety of funding sources, but it is not exhaustive.

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