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In memoriam Jörgen Sjöberg († 30-03-2023)

By Stefano Ronchi, ENHANCE Steering Committee Chair and Francesca Andrich, ENHANCE Core Officer for Politecnico di Milano.

Dear Jörgen,


Every time your name comes up in a discussion, every time you are not there for one of our many regular meetings, we are forced to face the fact that you are no longer part of our lives.


It is still very hard to accept. Your absence leaves a great void.


You have inspired each of us during these years of collaboration, pushing us to be critical thinkers and question what everyone else would accept as immutable dogmas. You have shown us how one can express strong and clear opinions, with elegance and respect. You have taught us that, no matter how full life may seem, we can be capable of facing it all, with calmness, mindfulness, and a positive spirit.


To have been your colleagues, and your friends, has been a great privilege. What an incredible professional and personal legacy you have left us. You will keep on being part of our lives, after all.


Your colleagues and friends from the ENHANCE Alliance.