Pioneering Student-Led Innovation: The ENHANCE Student Forum

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First meeting of Student Governance Body in ENHANCE+ facilitated fruitful discussions around the future of European Education

Last week, the first Student Forum meeting of the ENHANCE+ phase took place at Warsaw University of Technology (WUT), celebrating yet another milestone in student participation within the ENHANCE Alliance. Held on May 20 and 21, the event gathered 16 representatives from our member universities, all eager to contribute to the future of European education.

Engaging and Forward-Thinking Discussions

The Student Forum convened to discuss their ambitions for ENHANCE, focusing on what they see as the most important aspects of the Alliance and their evolving role within it. Central to their discussions were the education offers and mobility opportunities available through ENHANCE. They provided valuable feedback to specific ongoing developments within various ENHANCE Work Packages, offering a crucial student perspective on how these offers can be creatively promoted to enhance their appeal and accessibility

One of the key outcomes of the meeting was the exploration of new initiatives to be presented to the upcoming ENHANCE Board of Directors meeting this June. Among these were ideas aimed at fostering greater accessibility and inclusion for all students, addressing the role that language barriers play in the integration of international students. Additionally, the Student Forum proposed challenge-based learning offers designed to promote cooperation with industry partners and provide students with early insights into research-oriented activities at their universities.

Empowering Students in Governance

The importance of the Student Forum within ENHANCE’s governance structure was underscored by the success of a bottom-up project initiated by students — the ENHANCE Hackathon. First discussed in a previous Student Forum meeting, this hackathon took place during the same week at WUT, drawing significant interest and over 500 applications. This initiative exemplifies the Student Forum’s capacity to drive impactful projects from concept to execution, highlighting the vital role of student input in shaping the Alliance’s activities.

Our current ENHANCE Student Forum Co-Chairs Mateusz Kask (WUT) and Albaraa Kahlil (TU Delft) guided their peers through the entire SF meeting.

Building a Collaborative and Inclusive Future

The productive discussions during the 2-day meeting also delved into how the Student Forum can most effectively operate and proactively design its own working structure. This self-organization is a true testament for the empowerment of students within the ENHANCE governance framework, allowing them to directly contribute to the development of ENHANCE+ activities.

Students’ journeys lie at the heart of the ENHANCE Alliance. By integrating students into our governance structure with real power and an active voice, we are shaping the future of European education based on the authentic needs and ambitions of those who will benefit most from this transformation. The Student Forum enables students to contribute directly, ensuring that our initiatives are aligned with the real needs, interests, and concerns of the student community.

Members of the ENHANCE Student Forum at work 💪✨

As the ENHANCE Student Forum continues to evolve, its role in bringing fresh and innovative ideas to the table cannot be overstated. By giving our students the stage and allowing their voices to be heard within the Alliance and beyond, we thrive to reach the ENHANCE community via their peers and, simultaneously, develop offers and educational framework that will enhance our students’ journeys during their studies, and beyond.

The event was not all work; our hosts, the students from WUT and the local ENHANCE team, ensured that everyone felt welcome. Participants had the opportunity to experience Polish culture and hospitality, further strengthening the bonds within our diverse alliance.

You can find more information about our governance structure on the ENHANCE website.