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The ENHANCE Alliance presents a new training offer, the “Winter school of ENHANCE on gender and diversity in science, technology and society”

The ENHANCE Alliance presents a new training offer, the “Winter School of ENHANCE on Gender and Diversity in Science, Technology and Society”. You can find the content of this educational offer and how to register on the page “Educational offer”, “Winter and summer schools”, but here you can find the link to the registration form:


Here are the basic details of this course:


Winter school of ENHANCE on “Gender and Diversity in Science, Technology and Society”
This winter school is part of ENHANCE ( offer and leads to the acquisition of 3, 4 or 6 ECTS upon successful participation in stage 1, stage 2 or stage 3 (depending on level of participation). More details about stages are below. Instruction language is English. The Winter School activity will be held in hybrid mode. On site in TU Berlin, Germany and online.


For who?

The course is aimed at students (Bachelor, Master or post doctoral degrees) of natural, planning and technical sciences, mathematics and computer science as well as students who want to acquire competences in Science and Technology Studies (STS) with a focus on gender and diversity. In the Winter School, the extent to which gender and diversity are to be understood as context-related results of historical, political, social and cultural processes and can be studied scientifically is elaborated. In the seminar, students acquire the competence to understand and critically and reflexively evaluate the structuring of social inequality and intersectional positioning through science and technology.


How much? 

Winter School is FREE OF CHARGE.

The Blended Intensive Programme (Erasmus+) will support students’ participation.

Between Feb. 13-17, 2023: 2 dates of 1,5 hours: Online Onboarding of participants (The dates will be communicated)

March 6–10, 2023 (Stage 1: 3 ECTS): Winter School in Berlin, Germany (Arrival on March 5, Departure on March 10 late or 11)  

March 23–24, 2023 (Stage 2: +1 ECTS): Online presentations if study projects 

April 30, 2023 (Stage 3: +2 ECTS): Due date for term paper

In Total: Up to 6 ECTS are obtainable for completion of all 3 stages



Prof. Dr. Petra Lucht – TU Berlin 

Dr. Bärbel Mauß – TU Berlin 

More lecturers, speakers and tutors will be added.  


Who is the organizer? 

TU Berlin (Member of ENHANCE Alliance), Centrum for Interdisciplinary Gender Research (ZFIG) in cooperation with other ENHANCE universities. 

Deadline for registration

27 January 2023