Upload a Photo about how your city tackles sustainability and climate action and win a trip!

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ENHANCE Alliance launches its II Social Media Challenge under the name “For a sustainable and smart city.”


ENHANCE is launching this contest to promote reflection and active positioning on two ENHANCE pilot topics that link directly to Sustainable Development Goals 11 and 13: Sustainable Cities and Communities and Climate Action.

Each participant is invited to analyse and visualise how the cities where they live tackle the sustainable challenges they face by capturing a single photograph that seeks to illustrate it and impact society by raising awareness from the higher education point of view.


The contest aims to showcase images that reflect progress or good practices concerning the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the ENHANCE topics: Sustainable Cities and Communities and Climate Action aiming to bring the ENHANCE Alliance universities’ research, science, and technology contribution to its society and needs.


Participants are invited to reflect on how their city addresses these two sustainable development challenges within their environment using a photograph as a way of expression.


Participants must:


Step 1: Follow the ENHANCE account.


Step 2: Post/upload the photo on your Twitter or Instagram account with the hashtag #enhancealliance. Add a title that reflects what you want to show in the photo.


Step 3: Mention in the post the ENHANCE account of the social network @enhancealliance (Instagram) @ENHANCEAlliance (Twitter).


Only one photograph per participant will be accepted.


The basic characteristics of the competition can be found in the following information.


Good luck!