VLC_Synergic Urban Infrastructures - ENHANCE

The Summer School VLC_SYNERGIC URBAN INFRASTRUCTURES is organized within the ENHANCE alliance. It aims to provide participants with the skills necessary to design and use interdisciplinary methodologies to maximize synergies between urban infrastructures (green, blue, energy, social, mobility, housing, etc.).


Participants who successfully complete the course and present their results will be awarded a certificate of participation in the ENHANCE Summer School with 4,5 ECTS equivalence.


The course will be based on co-creation processes in which students, tutors, decision-makers, and representatives of civil society and the economic sector will collectively develop diagnoses, visions, and proposals for a set of strategic spatial and functional units in the city of Valencia.


INTERDISCIPLINARY PLANNING METHODOLOGIES BASED ON CO-CREATION: The Summer School will focus on processes (methodologies) designed by participants to produce interdisciplinary and innovative results.


LEARNING OUTCOMES and COMPETENCIES DEVELOPED: Upon completion of the VLC Summer School, participants will increase their capacity to:

1) Develop ‘planning processes/methodologies’ to detect and increase synergies between urban infrastructures (green, blue, social, energy, housing, mobility, etc.)

2) Apply, validate, and adjust the designed planning process/methodology in a specific site by testing different spatial layouts

3) Develop thematic and specialized knowledge in one of the studied urban infrastructures (green, blue, social, energy, housing, mobility, etc.)

4) Develop integrative and interdisciplinary knowledge in urban planning and design for all the addressed infrastructures

5) Incorporate codesign and participatory processes in urban planning

6) Conceptually and critically address urban sustainability and resilience as systemic and multidimensional qualities that inform the analysis and transformation of cities.

7) Develop key soft skills for urban planning


A HYBRID SUMMER SCHOOL (Blended Intensive Programme)

VLC_Summer School - ENHANCE

The Summer School activity will be held in hybrid mode and divided into two phases: the Online phase will be conducted via MS Teams, and the on-site phase will take place at the UPV Technical University of Valencia.


Participants of the Summer School will work in multidisciplinary and international teams of 4 to 5 students. They will be supported by academic teachers from WUT Warsaw University of Technology (Poland), POLIMI Politecnico di Milano (Italy), RWTH Aachen University (Germany), TU Technical University of Berlin (Germany), NTNU: Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway) and UPV Technical University of Valencia (Spain).


Online PHASE
  • Teaching: Lectures (by online lecturers) + Tutoring of TASK1 (by online mentors)
  • Teamwork: in monothematic teams of students interested in investigating the same Urban Infrastructure
  • TASK1: Thematic foundations
    • Definition of a shared conceptual framework within each monothematic group (sustainability, resilience, adaptation, infrastructure, etc.)
    • Research and Analysis of the selected urban infrastructure (in general and in the pilot site)
    • Definition of a toolbox to improve the selected infrastructure.
    • Preliminary methodology to generate synergies with other infrastructures.
    • Preparation of a lecture to present in Valencia the developed work to other teams
Onsite PHASE
  • Teaching: Tutoring of TASK2 and TASK3 (by onsite tutors) + Lectures (by onsite lecturers)
  • Teamwork: in multi-thematic teams, including students from different monothematic groups
  • SITE VISIT: Validation of thematic analyses and toolboxes + Direct interaction with local stakeholders (local administrations, civil groups, researchers, private sector)
  • TASK2: A synergic methodology
    • Definition of a shared conceptual framework within each multi-thematic group
    • Development of a methodology to combine and generate synergies between different urban infrastructures.
  • TASK3: Integrative and synergic proposals
    • Application of the proposed methodology to analyze, envision and develop integrative proposals for the pilot site
    • Preparation of the final presentation


VLC_Summer School - ENHANCE

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August 2023

MS Teams

4-9 September 2023



During the online phase (14/08/2023-01/09/2023), students from each university will work with their tutor(s) in one specific Urban Infrastructure (TASK1 in Thematic teams). During the first week of this phase, thematic lectures will be given to all the thematic teams.

During the onsite phase (04-09/09/2023), students from different thematic teams will be merged into multi-thematic groups to work on TASK2 (definition of a synergic method to combine different urban infrastructures) and TASK3 (development of synergic proposals in the pilot area). This phase will include site visits and co-design activities with local stakeholders.


  • Format: Summer school, blended course
  • Timing: 14 August – 1 September 2023 online via MS Teams + 4-9 September 2023 onsite Technical University of Valencia
  • Course level: B.Sc and M.Sc
  • Course type: Hybrid mode with on-site in Valencia and online via MS Teams
  • ECTS: 4,5 credit points (adjustable)
  • Organizing unit: Technical University of Valencia
  • Contact coordinator: Juanjo Galan (juagavi@urb.upv.es)

The learning activities are organized as follows:

►  ONLINE LEARNING (64,5 hours):

  • When: 14/08/2023-01/09/2023
  • Where: online, PoliformaT platform for e-learning (all participants will be given access) + MS Teams
  • Learning activities: online lectures (14h) + development of TASK1s (50,5h)

â–º ONSITE LEARNING (48 hours):

  • When: 4-9/09/2023
  • Where: Technical University of Valencia (Camino de Vera s/n 46022 Valencia) www.upv.es
  • Learning activities: Lectures  + Site Visit  + presentation of results from TASK1 + development of TASKS2 and 3



VLC_Summer School_SITE VISIT_1


Video of the course (by M. Reza Movahedi):





The VLC Summer School on Synergic Infrastructures is FREE OF CHARGE. Travel and accommodation costs might be covered by the partner universities.


  • Master and Bachelor students (completed at least the first year of bachelor studies in planning, architecture, engineering, life sciences, social sciences, or any other discipline involved in city and urban planning)
  • Social competences for teamwork
  • Fluency in English

APPLICATION PERIOD: 15/03/2023-01/05/2023


SELECTION CRITERIA: students from universities in the ENHANCE Alliance will have priority. The selection of students will be done in order to be able to generate highly multidisciplinary and international teams