ENHANCE Certificate Programmes: Pioneering New Educational Formats

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By Hannah Worringer, Quality Assurance Officer, ENHANCE Alliance

Over the past years, the ENHANCE Alliance has been at the forefront of piloting innovative educational formats through Certificate Programmes, also known as ENHANCE micro-credentials. These programmes offer our participants (students and lifelong learners) the opportunity to earn micro-credentials and other certificates by completing a set of diverse learning activities, such as a combination of summer schools, MOOCs, language tandems and other training offers.


As we approach the graduation of our first cohorts of participants, we are proud to witness the transformative potential our offers have for the educational trajectories of our learners. Reflecting on our successes and challenges, we are now committed to optimising the life cycle of our certifiable offers with the goal of creating long-lasting impact through unique and flexible formats.




Future Learning

To promote hands-on development and exploration of new educational formats, we will establish the ENHANCE Sandbox for Learning Experiences. Here, we focus on smart learning and educational transformation, embracing digital and interactive technologies to enrich learning environments. This approach allows us to experiment on a small scale and to give emerging initiatives enough space to grow. We explore new generations of stakeholders, keeping an eye on our future learners and their aspirations. Our aim is to work towards a robust framework that can easily be scaled to benefit a larger number of learners.


New Formats and Frameworks

A critical aspect of our development process for new educational formats is the alignment of ideas with existing and emerging certificate frameworks. We carefully consider questions of stackability, technical requirements, learning outcomes and assessment, credit recognition, certification, and access to learning management systems. The mode of participation is also a key consideration here, as we seek to find the most suitable setting for different programme content, be it in a physical, virtual, or blended environment. We have learned that there is not a uniform approach to mobilities; it rather depends on the components and target groups of our certificate programmes.


IT Infrastructure and Services

Furthermore, a secure IT infrastructure is essential to providing participants with seamless participation in our certificate programmes. To achieve this, we are going to implement a Moodle-based learning management system that streamlines our processes and improves access to our offers by considering various enrolment statuses. In light of customisation, this infrastructure is particularly crucial for stackable opportunities, as it ensures a smooth journey through our educational offerings. Additionally, we focus on secure and verifiable data exchange through verifiable credentials, allowing each Alliance member to use technology available within their institutional and national educational ecosystems.



As we look ahead towards new educational formats as part of the ENHANCE Certificate Programmes, strengthened collaboration will remain the cornerstone of our efforts. We aim to streamline our processes where necessary and enhance access to resources and facilities for all participants where possible. By sharing our expertise and by working together across all stages of the certificate life cycle, we aim to create seamless mobilities for an increasing number of students and staff within the ENHANCE Alliance. Moreover, we are happy to have successfully extended some of our offers to members of our Ukrainian partner universities, thus fostering international cooperation and inclusivity.


Our motivation is to provide international educational experiences that empower learners to excel in an increasingly interconnected world. We believe that the flexibility and diversity of our ENHANCE Certificate Programmes will appeal not only to students looking to complement their degree programmes, but also to lifelong learners committed to their ongoing personal and professional development. As we further optimise our certifiable offers and continue to innovate in educational formats, we are confident that our initiatives will have a lasting impact on our participants.