The ENHANCE Summit on Climate-Neutral Cities: the ENHANCE community gets together to talk about climate

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This October, ENHANCE member university NTNU is organising the ENHANCE Summit on Climate-Neutral Cities, together with the Gdańsk University of Technology where the different activities will take place. During the two-day event, members of the different spheres of the ENHANCE community (education, research, and lifelong learning) will come together and exchange knowledge on topics related to climate change. Students, researchers, and professors will exchange with other experts from society, industry, and government to explore shared solutions, and in particular the role of universities in addressing climate related challenges.

A global ENHANCE gathering around important societal topics

The ENHANCE Summit is first and foremost an event that aims to connect researchers and showcase projects related to the EU Mission on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities and the New European Bauhaus. More than an exchange of knowledge, the different activities offered to the participants will help develop concrete ideas on how the ENHANCE Alliance can contribute to strengthening the role of universities in the climate-neutral transition.


In October, the ENHANCE community will also have the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the current ENHANCE Erasmus+ project, before we kickstart the second Erasmus+ project in November this year, ENHANCE+. In this context, the Summit will host the ENHANCE Board of Directors for the final Board meeting of this first project phase.

Two rich days with a broad programme

The two days will be organised around workshops, student exhibitions, open lectures, roundtables, and speeches, all related to climate change and the various topics this broad theme includes. These activities will explore, among diverse discussions, urban living labs, participatory urban planning and design approaches, and the NEW Impact Model. Keynote speakers include Rohit Sen, Head of Sustainable Energy at ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, World Secretariat in Bonn, and Frank Moulaert, an eminent scholar in Social Innovation, Territorial Development and Regional Innovation Systems. More details about the programme can be found here.


On the second day of the Summit, participants will come together to hear the results of parallel sessions held on the first day, and discuss with members of the ENHANCE Board of Directors how the Alliance can best support its students, researchers, and societal partners in addressing the identified challenges. Participants will also have the opportunity to see projects developed by the winners of the ENHANCE Challenge and the ENHANCE Student Exhibition held by WUT earlier this year.


The ENHANCE Alliance is very proud to offer this Summit and thanks NTNU And Gdansk Tech for their organisation. Students and researchers from ENHANCE universities who are interested in attending the Summit can contact their universities to know more about the availability.


Watch this space for more news soon on the outcomes of the ENHANCE Summit discussions!