Participate in ENHANCERIA workshop, “research infrastructures – good practices in managing and funding opportunities”!

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The ENHANCE Alliance invites researchers from ENHANCE universities to register for and participate in the workshop “research infrastructures – good practices in managing and funding opportunities” that will take place online on 31 May. It is organised under the Horizon 2020 funded project ENHANCERIA by Politecnico di Milano and Warsaw University of Technology. Various types of researchers that might be interested in this topic can register here. More precisely, the workshop targets researchers who mainly carry out their research in big facilities of universities or who are willing to connect with research facilities either to develop their ideas or because they are in need of some specific large equipment.


The goal of this workshop is to disseminate technical and financial tips to enhance Research and Innovation (RI)’s participation to EU funding opportunity but also to reflect on good practises on RIs management and create synergies and new collaboration among the ENHANCE Alliance. To cover these topics, the workshop will be organised in two parts that will follow this agenda:

Part 1: How to attract EU funding

  1. Introduction to Task 6.3 activities: Stimulating communities of RIs (Research Office_Politecnico di Milano) 
  2. Technical and financial tips for enhancing RIs participation to EU funding opportunities (APRE, Italian National Contact Point for Horizon Europe)
  3. Gathering of needs, ideas and expressions of interest for joint HE projects 
  4. Open discussion

Part 2: Good practices in managing

  1. Welcome and round table 
  2. Introduction to RI management – definitions and approaches 
  3. Presentation of host institution (WUT) 
  4. Good practices in RI management – joint exercise 
  5. Presentations of selected partners 
  6. Workshop summary and conclusions 
  7. Deliverable report – discussion on the content 

The ENHANCE Alliance and ENHANCERIA are waiting for your registration for this interesting workshop that will offer both a professional and international experience and allow researchers to make the best of European funding opportunities.