Explore here several resources and useful tools. All outputs have been developed by the diversity and inclusion experts of ENHANCE universities.

In our working life, we take lots of decisions. Sometimes, our decisions may affect other people’s professional situations directly as well. Think of an application by someone, and imagine that you are the person who will select the “right” candidate. What do you look at first in this application? What would you ask during the interview? Scientific studies have proven that decision-makers might be affected negatively by their unconscious biases when involved in selection processes. These are often based on mistaken, inaccurate, or incomplete information. Reflection and some exercises can assist you in becoming aware of these beases and breaking these habits. This document will help you! This guide has been created for all those who are involved in the selection processes for activities in the ENHANCE Alliance, such as summer schools, staff weeks, wokshops, seminars, training offers, mobility activities, or any other cross-border educational activity.


The annual report “Diversity and Gender Equality in ENHANCE” demonstrates the status quo on diversity and gender equality within our Alliance.

A Concept for Diversity and Inclusion in Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Innovation (D&I in SEI) Diversity and Inclusion belong to the core values of the ENHANCE Alliance. It is everywhere. Also in SEI. Can you see it? Use this support pack to learn, to make a record of your observations, experiences, thoughts, and feelings during your amazing journey in SEI activities. It is your learning tool and nobody else will read it ! Take notes, spend some time completing this book, use it to help you to discover new insights about diversity and inclusion in SEI and use it to get to know new people to broaden your perspectives and put yourself into the shoes of others.

Develop new ideas. You can write, draw, doodle… Use it however you like. It is a tool only for you.

You can find more information about the responsible offices for diversity, inclusion and gender issues at each ENHANCE university

Bias: A personal and sometimes unreasoned judgment (Prejudice)  

Unconscious (or implicit) Bias: Learned stereotypes and prejudices that are automatic, unintentional, deeply ingrained, universal and able to influence behaviour.

Diversity: Embracing and taking into account the differences between individuals and groups of people  

Equity:  Adjusting for needs to achieve equality. 

Gender: A social construct to classify a person as a man, a woman, or another identity such as divers, transgender etc. 

Gender Mainstreaming: Integrating a gender equality perspective at all stages and levels of policies, programmes and projects. 

(Gender) Equality: Being equal in status, rights or opportunities. 

Inclusion / Inclusivity: The practice or policy of including people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalised.  

Non-binary: A gender identity that goes beyond the male/female gender binary. 

People with fewer opportunities: ‘Young people with fewer opportunities’ are defined in the Erasmus+ programme guide as those young people who are at a disadvantage compared to their peers because they face one or more of the seven exclusion factors: disability, health problems, educational difficulties, cultural differences, economic obstacles, social obstacles or geographic obstacles.