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“Smart Sustainable Cities & Communities – Phantom Menace or New Hope?”, an educational offer within the ENHANCE Alliance

ENHANCE partners offer their students the possibility to take part in a three-month project about the Future European Cities in 2030, with the perspective of interdisciplinary design classes. Each university of the ENHANCE Alliance but also the Lviv Polytechnic National University and the National Technical University of Ukraine in Kyiv (ENHANCE Network Partners) have until 20 February to build and select a team of three students from different fields of study to participate in this project entitled “Smart Sustainable Cities & Communities – Phantom Menace or New Hope?”. The application can be submitted on this page.

Many opportunities within the project for ENHANCE students

Co-organised by Warsaw University of Warsaw with NTNU, RWTH Aachen and UPV under the Blended Intensive Programme of Erasmus +, this project will not only give students the occasion to work on smart cities, geolocalisation, and artificial intelligence and think about the future of these technologies with a large budget to build prototypes. Added to the 4 ECTS this project can provide, there are also prizes of a total value of 3 000 euros for the best student teams. The students will follow online workshops and they will need to work individually, but an onsite workshop is also organised at Warsaw University of Technology to conclude the project with an exhibition.


The teams should be composed of MSc. or PhD students who want to work in a multi-disciplinary community and who are open to using innovative methods and data sources. Together with good communication skills, an openness to various solutions and a willingness to share an expertise, the students will have to be able to give honest and positive feedback but also be available for personal work and the trip to Warsaw in May.

An in-person meeting to conclude an online long work

About this timeline, the final workshop and exhibition will take place from 19 to 26 May. The various workshops will welcome instructors from the organising universities: Katarzyna Bargiel, Robin A. Chang, Robert Olszewski, Javier Orozco Messana, Yu Wang, and Agieszka Wendland. Moreover, a complete schedule with details of each workshop and in-between periods is already accessible on the page dedicated to the project. These activities’ objectives are to help students understand the importance and complexity of the smart city phenomena and the citizen-led needs these cities imply. They will learn about recent technology solutions applied to this topic and about how to recognise the potential of technology trends in their development. After this project, the participants will be familiar with basic ideas and theoretical concepts regarding smart cities, and they will be able to recognise the role of Sustainability Development Goals in this area.


This project is a true opportunity for all the students interested in this topic to have an experience of interdisciplinary working. The in-presence workshop and exhibition are also a chance for intercultural exchange on a common topic of interest.