Three ENHANCE offers in diversity and inclusion are open for registration!

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For the ENHANCE Alliance, diversity and inclusion are core topics. Three new workshops offered by RWTH Aachen are open for registration on various themes related to this field: “Privacy Matters, Influence Happens” (8 November, 14:30 – 17:30), “Power Games in Gender Relations” (1 December, 9:00 – 13:00), and “Diskriminierung im Alltag: Wie Rassismus in unserer Gesellschaft wirkt und wie wir ihm begegnen können” (“Discrimination in everyday life: How racism works in our society and how we can counter it” only offered in German, 30 November, 9:00 – 16:00). For all of these offer, the people answering the criteria of selection can register by writing an email to and mentioning which ENHANCE university they are part of.

Privacy Matters, Influence Happens: the broad domain of data collection and privacy focusing on women

Targeting female students and graduates, this workshop aims to highlight the ways in which data gains value, the rights to privacy, and the impact that data collection can have across people’s lives, especially for women. The participants will learn about the “Influence Industry” related to data collection and use, and the right to privacy both as a society and as individuals will also be one of the main topics. A part of the workshop, which will be conducted through group interactions and case studies, will also focus on the risks related to data with examples of how it directly affects women’s lives. More detailed information can be found here.

Power Games in Gender Relations and Discrimination in everyday life: teaching ENHANCE universities’ staff about specific dynamics

These two offers, one in English and one in German, are dedicated to university staff. The aim of these two workshops is to put light on some existing dynamics anchored in society and help the participants think about them in a critical way to face them. Organised especially for female staff, the workshop about Power Games in Gender Relations will allow them to extend their knowledge about communication strategies and assertion methods in order to strengthen their position as female leaders. This experience will also raise their awareness of their individual performance competencies. For the second workshop only in German, the focus point will be racism to teach participants how to recognise racism better and to give them initial strategies for dealing with it. More detailed information can be found here for the first offer, and here for the second.


If you are interested in learning about these topics related to diversity and inclusion and know how to deal with specific situation or make the best of your potential, don’t hesitate to register.

Foot note: For us, women are more diverse than a biological gender. We understand women to include all individuals who identify as female. The event management system currently only maps the binary gender system. If this causes problems for you, please contact us!