Personal experience of Ivanna Papushenko, winner of the I Social Media Challenge

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Ivanna Papushenko was one of the I Social Media Challenge winners. We talked to her about her experience at the UPV and the personal feelings she experienced during the 3 days.

1.- How was the beginning of your stay?


I arrived in Valencia on the 22 June and was met by Vicente, where he told and showed me the most beautiful places I should visit! He also introduced me the visit to UPV’s campus.


2.- How did you feel about this experience? 


I visited the university, where I saw not only the incredibly large and green campus, but also had time to meet the hyperloop startup team, as well as get to know several students and professors from the Faculty of Architecture. I was very fascinated by the architectural atmosphere on campus, it reminded me of my university, and I was very interested in sharing interesting information with them.


I spent the rest of my free time enjoying the sights of Valencia: City of Arts and Sciences, where I was amazed by the beauty and elegance of the architecture combined with the city, and the old town fascinated me with its history and monuments.


The sea certainly made a special impression on me, too, and I am very happy for the people from Spain who have the constant opportunity to visit the sea and enjoy its beauty.


3.- How did you feel on your return home?


I came back with a great mood and peace of mind after these wonderful three days in Spain.