ENHANCE Alliance Staff Week strengthens collaboration in the fields of staff development, knowledge transfer, and the development of joint training courses

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During the last week of September, the 4th Staff Week (Berlin) focused on the challenges of staff development, human resources strategy for researchers (HRS4R), career development of non-academic staff, instruments of staff development and how they could be developed internationally with the help of the ENHANCE Alliance.


Representatives of all ENHANCE member universities attended the Staff Week, including the three new members TU Delft, ETH Zurich, and Gdańsk Tech.


The participants of the Staff Week discussed how the universities could benefit from the ENHANCE Alliance in the future, examples of which were: improved collaboration in the field of staff development, knowledge transfer, the development of joint training courses, or the use of existing offers within the Alliance.


The member universities were also encouraged to offer short talks to promote certain aspects of staff development at their universities. In this Staff Week, everybody agreed to provide more offers for staff mobility to visit other universities, but adequate funding is needed.


Collective activities marked the morning of the first day of the Staff Week to get to know each other, the host university Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin), and the ENHANCE Alliance.


The participants were welcomed by Dr Ulrike Hillemann-Delaney, Director of International Affairs at TU Berlin. The group was welcomed by Christian Schröder, Vice-President for Education of TU Berlin, and Professor Stefano Ronchi, ENHANCE Steering Committee Chair and Rector’s Delegate of Politecnico di Milano. In his speech, Christian Schröder underlined the importance of staff development. Stefano Ronchi encouraged the members of the Staff Week and the ENHANCE Vice Presidents’, who were also there for the SteerComm, which was held in parallel, to develop ideas for the future.


Participants also took advantage of the event to develop ideas for the next proposal opening the not-so-far future of ENHANCE Alliance for the next generations.